Fresher’s Fayre (and competition answers!)

We were happy to see so many of your lovely faces this year at Fresher’s Fayre!

We were down in the canteen next to the entrance; if you missed us here’s a pic of our stand:

Fresher's Fayre stand
Our wonderful stall with plenty of sweets and, of course, Marty the Library Sheep

This year was easily the biggest and busiest Fresher’s Fayre we have had here at the ol’ University Winchester.  How do we know that it was the busiest? Well, last year we had 1000 bags of library freebies up for grabs and these were all gone by 2:30pm.  This year all 1000 of our bags were gone by 12:30pm- that’s a whole 2 hours quicker than Fresher’s Fayre 2014!  You guys sure love freebies.

Weren’t quick enough to grab one?  Here’s what you missed out on:

Lots of freebies from pens and pencils to lollipops, post-its and some handy library info
Lots of freebies from pens and pencils to lollipops, post-its and some handy library info


As if that wasn’t enough excitement, at our stall we also had a brilliant competition on with the chance to win 1 of 3 £20 book tokens!

We asked our librarians for their favourite books and to tell us three random facts about themselves.  All you guys had to do was match up the librarians to their description, sound simple enough?  Why don’t you have a go now:

Match the Librarian Quiz
The Librarians are: Collette (Education; Interprofessional studies), Marina (Law), Sarah (Business; Journalism; Sport), Siân (Archaeology; History; Theology, Religion and Philosophy) and Susan (English; Creative Writing; American Studies; Performing Arts; Media and Film)

We had a great response to this competition from you guys with well over 200 entries!  It was brilliant how seriously you all took this, many of you were studiously reading the board for a good 10 minutes before submitting your answers.

How do you think you did?  Here are the answers if you would like to compare:

Answers: Collette=E; Marina=A; Sarah=B; Sian=D; Susan=C
Answers: Collette=E; Marina=A; Sarah=B; Sian=D; Susan=C

So how many did you get right?  Only 3 people out of the 200 participants managed to get all 5 correct so if you managed to get them all right give your self a well deserved pat on the back and reward yourself with a cup of tea and a good book!