Five things you might not know about the Library…

IMG_00461.  There are toilets on every floor.  You don’t need to leave the building, you don’t even need to leave the floor you are studying on!  You will however have to leave your seat.

2.  There are also catalogue computers on every floor so you don’t need to drag yourself all the way upstairs to find that one last book.

3.  We have (recycled!) scrap paper available by the top floor catalogue computers, so you can write down the shelf numbers your books are at. And if you don’t have a pen…

4.  …or a pencil, we have a stationery shop at our issue desk, so you can buy one for the small price of 10p and 5p respectively.

5.  Struggling to find that one particular word that sums up your argument?  We have dictionaries and thesauruses on the white trollies on every floor by the central staircase.