Top 5 tips on being nice to books

IMG_0071There are many ways to be awesome.  Being nice to library books is one of them.

Here are the top 5 ways to treat your book right:

1. Don’t drop your book in a river or splash it with your tea.  Be cautious around anything that’s liquid, including the British weather.  Books find it hard to recover from spillages.

2. Do invest in a bookmark. It can be anything: a free leaflet, a photograph, an actual professional leather one with a fringe.  Anything that stops the book from getting too dog-eared.

3. Don’t play fetch with your books.  Those hardbacks might seem pretty tough, but they won’t stay that way once the corners have been chewed away.  On a similar note, also be wary of teething children. (Yes, both of these things have happened)

4. Do get rid of any sticky post-it notes, pencil scribbling or lost property before you return your books.  Treat them as one of your own.  You’d never scribble all over your favourite book, would you?

5. Don’t leave your books to rot in a damp corner of your abode.  Seriously, books can go mouldy, and it’s not pretty.  Also, if you have mould in your house, please get that sorted for the sake of your own health. Books are replaceable, you aren’t!