Welcome Back

Welcome back lovely library students, hope you all had a great vacation!

We’ve been busy bees this Winter and we (including Marty!) are excited to show what has been going on:

We have fancy new lights over the desk and Marty was very keen to demonstrate his Miley Cyrus impersonation…

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New lights!

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Some mysterious gigantic boxes arrived at the library.  Marty was desperate to get them open!

We have our new PC Finder screen in the entrance to the library with further screens on all three floors. Use these to find PCs and study rooms which are not in use!

Our new computer map!


We also had some new blue and green desk dividers installed throughout silent study. These make each desk a bit more private so you can concentrate on your studies without distractions!

Marty loves the new green dividers.


And finally, we opened up the mystery boxes and found… our new returns and sorting machine!
Simply pop your books one-by-one in the opening, and the machine will do the rest! Here’s Marty returning his books with style*
*(Please note: the returns machine is for BOOKS ONLY!)


So as you can see, we have lots of exciting new things at the Library. As always, if you need a hand with any of it, please come and ask at the desk and we will be happy to help.