School Resources base by base: English

This series of posts will take an in-depth look at the School Resources Centre, by breaking it down into bases. And where better to start than with the largest base, English!

If you enter the School Resources area through the glass door and turn to your right you will discover this base. Anything with a yellow dot in the left hand corner belongs here. This is the base you need for children’s fiction or for resources about teaching English.

The fiction collection starts nearest the glass doors into the SRC, and ranges from young fiction (YF), to children’s fiction (CF) and teen fiction (TF), there are myths and legends (ML) and folk and fairy tales (FT). As you reach the lift, turn left and you will find all you need for teaching English skills; from spelling to poetry, sign language to Shakespeare.


The gruffalo
Have you ever met a Gruffalo?


You can browse the shelves or find individual titles by checking the catalogue.  It isn’t just books. We have all sorts of resources to enliven your lessons; from flash cards and games for phonics, to multi-part story sacks based on children’s picture books to help stimulate their creative imagination and love of stories.  There are teaching resources to give you inspiration in lesson planning and our own bespoke range of booklists to encourage you to explore different types of books with your class.  You can find these lists by the catalogues in School Resources, or download them from your Canvas Library site. Just scroll down to the School Resources section to see the full listing. ( Don’t forget our collection of children’s fiction review magazines just by the office door, Carousel and Books for Keeps.  The latter is available free online too (  We also have  resources to support Modern Foreign languages; French, German and Spanish are popular and we have a vast range of dual language picture books in many other languages as well.

Our reference reading scheme section with examples of current and archive series completes this School Resources Base.

So, don’t be afraid of the big bad wolf, come and explore!

the book that ate my brother
But watch out for some scary titles in children’s fiction!