Accessing print (physical) journal articles

journals blog post Feb15

Almost all our journal articles are available online (through the library catalogue > journal articles option or through our Full Text Finder.)

We also have print (physical) journals. The way in which you access these has changed, as a result of our summer refurbishment.

Are you looking for a print journal article from the current year?

These are now kept on shelves next to the central staircase. They are spread out over the 3 floors of the library. They are matched to the subjects for the books on each floor, so for example, current archaeology journals are found on the bottom floor, as the majority of archaeology books are on this floor.

You can use these in the library building but they cannot be borrowed.

Are you looking for a print journal article which is older than the current year?

These are now kept in a separate building, so you will need to request in advance to view the article.
You can request in 2 ways: either email (N.B. emails will be read Monday – Friday) or speak to staff at the library desk during our core opening hours.
• Please give us all the details of the article which you want to view: title of the journal; year; volume; issue.
• Please allow 24 hours between requesting the article and coming to collect it from the library desk (to give us time to collect it for you.)
• When you collect the article from the library desk it will be issued to your library card. You can use it in the library building for photocopying/scanning or taking notes.
• When you have finished, bring the article back to the library desk. You can also request to keep the article behind the desk, until you’ve finished with it.
If you have any questions about accessing journal articles, please contact the library desk: / 0196282501