Marty – a Sheep’s Tail (part two)

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Last time on a sheep’s tail: Marty left his home town of Aberystwyth to find adventure! He visited the festival at Hay-on-Wye before deciding to hitchhike his way across the UK. He was last seen flagging down a black mini driver on the A40…

The girl who drove the mini turned out to be a lovely lady called Tiff, who let Marty tag along with her as far as her hometown of Bath. Marty was ever so pleased, as he was a big Austen fan, and the city housed a whole centre about the author. Once he’d made a visit to the centre and got into the regency mood by trying on a bonnet or two, he went for a little wander.


Marty trotted past spired churches, the ornate Bath Abbey, and admired all the golden stone buildings that surrounded him. But the one thing that irked him was the weather. It was grey and drizzly and he wanted to seek some sunshine and a salty sea breeze. It was nearly summertime after all!

As Marty began to walk out of the city he stumbled across the Bath spa train station. He though ‘Oh, a train, I’ve never taken a train before!’ He rifled through his red and white spotted bindle and found his last £20 note at the bottom. Approaching the man at the desk he asked, ‘is this enough to get me to the seaside?’

‘Sure,’ said the portly gentleman, ‘Bournemouth’s lovely this time of year I’ve ‘eard.’

‘Oh then one ticket to Bournemouth please, Sir!’ Marty bleated.

‘You’re a kid aren’t yer?’

‘No…. I’m a sheep.’

‘I mean, you’ll be wanting a child’s ticket, yes?’

‘Well, I suppose I am technically only two years old, so yes please!’

So onto the train, Marty got, with a handful of change to spare and instructions to change at Southampton central station for his next train. He settled into the plush velveteen seats and stared out of the window, watching the world whizz past with fascination. Eventually though, despite his excitement, Marty let the gentle trundling of the train, rock him… to sleep.

Marty awoke some time later, stretched out his hooves and noticed that the train was pulling into a station. He jumped as a loud, mechanical announcement sputtered from the speakers; ‘DUE TO SIGNAL FAILURE, THIS TRAIN WILL BE TERMINATING HERE. ALL CHANGE.’

‘Oh no,’ thought Marty, ‘where on earth am I?’

To be continued…

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