School Resources base by base: Religion & Social Sciences, Cross-curricular, History, and Arts

Welcome to our third, and final, break down of the School Resources bases! Today we are going to explore the final four bases in School Resources: Religion & Social Sciences, Cross-curricular, History, and Arts.

map for 3rd blog post

Religion & Social Sciences is the first base you come across after entering through the glass door. The colour code for this base is black. Here you can find all manner of books on emotions, faiths and festivals of all kinds. We have books, teaching resources and active learning packs which are full of examples for teaching about different religious practices, our community, and PSHE.

If you continue walking from the glass door, towards the Library Training Room, Cross-curricular will appear directly along your left hand side. The colour for this base is light blue. Though it may be small, this base is packed full of exciting topics to help every budding teacher learn how to work in schools. The topics range from ‘how to tackle bullying’, to SEN resources such as communication aids and tactile books.

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If you continue to walk left, through the top of the Earth Sciences base, you will arrive in History. The colour for this base is green. This is where you need to be if you want to brush up on your Trojans and Tudors.  This base is packed with plenty of books and objects from bygone eras, from Victorian kettles to Stone Age artefacts, Celtic crosses and Roman coins, to World War 2 ration and identity documents.  With bays dedicated to pre-history (before 1066), a wide selection of ‘Horrible Histories’, it’s never been easier to explore the world’s timeline.

From the History base, follow the trail of musical instruments around the corner and you will arrive in our Arts base.  The colour for this base is silver. For emerging artists we have books and posters that are bursting with great ideas for investigating line, form and colour. We also have lots of craft and activity based books too. Puppets and animation kits will bring the drama of the theatre directly into your classrooms. Fancy yourself as a bit of a Mozart? Grab a glockenspiel and start your own band.  The possibilities are endless, so get creative!

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