Marty’s Top Ten Revision Tips

Time to get revising!  Check out Marty’s Top Ten Revision Tips to get the most out of the library:

Tip #1

Remember the rules of the Library! Find the best place to suit your study needs – be it the Silent Study area, one of our Study Rooms for group work, or a solitary study pod for concentrating really hard and minimising distractions…   Read more here.

Tip 1: Our Library zones guide: http:// #martytoptips

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Tip #2

Need emergency stationery supplies? Despair not, our shop at top desk has them all.

It's #NationalStationeryDay! Our shop at the top desk has emergency supplies

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Tip #3

Planning to work as a group? Study rooms are ideal for that, but remember to book them in advance! Once there, don’t forget to log onto the bookable PC – or you might lose your booking.

Tip #4

Studying for an exam? Check questions from previous years in past exam papers – just ask at the top desk.

Tip #5

Power up your study skills with our library resources (and don’t forget the e-books!). The University study skills team also has some helpful hints here.

Tip #6

Take regular breaks to keep your brain fresh. Sit in the sun if you can – boost your vitamin D levels to alleviate stress, improve mood and assist cognitive function.

Tip #7

Can’t find the books you need on the shelf? Don’t forget that many titles in our collection are available as e-books, which you can access anytime and anywhere. You can read more about our online resources here (but first try and guess how many e-books we have in the library!).

Tip #8

Feeling rage against the machine? Technology letting you down ? There’s hope! Find IT support desk in the library on the top floor, talk to us on the library desk or write to

Tip #9

Time for printing… we have some QuickAccess PCs in the library to help. Find them on the top floor, one in the printer room and two more just outside.

Tip #10

Before you go… don’t forget to make sure your Library account is clear. Check that you’ve returned all the books and paid any fines you might have had.  (If your account isn’t clear of fines before you leave you might not be able to graduate- don’t risk it!).

Watch our short video here.

If there’s anything unusual about your account, of you cannot find a book you borrowed from the Library, talk to us! Come to the desk, call us on 01962 827306 or send us an e-mail.

And then… enjoy the summer 🙂