How to Renew Books

Need to keep your library book for a bit longer?

When you borrow a library book you will be given a due date (= the date by which you must return the book to the library).  If you return the book after this date then you will have a fine. However, if you need to keep the book for longer then you may be able to renew it.

How do I renew my books?


There are several different ways you can renew your books…

Before you renew your books, make sure you read the ‘few important points to bear in mind’ section at the bottom of this page, as not all books can be renewed!

  •   Use the catalogue


Go to the library catalogue (here) and select ‘My Account’.

Log in using your borrower number (found on the back of your Student ID card / library card.)

From here you will see a list of all the books you have out on loan; use the yellow ‘Renew’ button.


  • Use the UoW app



Select ‘Library’, then ‘Search Catalogue’.

Select ‘My Account’ and log in using your borrower number.

As with the option above, you will now see a list of all the books that are on loan to you; use the yellow ‘Renew’ button.


  • Use the self service kiosks



Select ‘Account’ and use your library card to access your account details.

Select ‘renew items’ to renew.


  • Reply to the ‘underdue’ email

We send you an automatic email (to your unimail address) a few days before your library book is due back.  Just reply to this email and ask to renew.

  • Phone us up: 01962 827051

Phone the library desk during our staffed opening times (check our intranet page for full details of our opening hours.)

A few important points to bear in mind:

  • 3 day loan books cannot be renewed

3 day loans are books which tutors have told us will be in high demand.  To help them make their way through a large group of people, these books issue for 3 days only, and they are non-renewable.

  • It’s not always possible to renew your books

If someone else has reserved the book then you will not be able to renew it.  You will need to return it to the library by the due date.  You will receive an email if any of the books on your account have been reserved.

  • You can only renew a book 9 times!

To make sure that a lost book is not renewed indefinitely, we like to see our books after they have been renewed 9 times.  You will need to bring the book back to the library; we may be able to take it off your account and re-issue it to you straight away.

  • You renew according to the loan type

7 day loans renew for 7 days, standard loans (4 weeks) renew for 4 weeks.
Also bear in mind the point at which you renew: if you borrowed a book yesterday and renewed it today, you are only extending the loan period by one day…

  • Vacations!

We make sure that 7 day loans & standard loans are not due back to the library during a vacation period (as lots of people leave Winchester during this time.)  This means that it can be possible to borrow / renew these types of loans for longer than usual over a vacation.  Please ask library staff at the desk for more details about the specifics!


Happy reading 🙂