3 day loans

Everything you ever wanted to know about 3 day loans!

  • What are 3 day loans?

3 day loans are books which you can borrow for a maximum of 3 days at a time.

Bear in mind the weekends! –  we are open 24/7, so a 3 day loan which is borrowed on a Wednesday will be due back in the Library on a Saturday (or due back on a Sunday, if you borrowed it on a Thursday).

  • How can I identify a 3 day loan?

There will be a 3 day loan sticker on the spine of the book and a ‘no renewal’ sticker on the front cover.

  • Why are some books 3 day loans?

We make certain books 3 day loans when a member of academic staff tells us that they will be needed by a large group of students in a short space of time (e.g. for an assignment.)  Making a book a 3 day loan helps to give everyone who needs it a better chance to access it in time (as you only have to wait 3 days until the book is returned to the Library).

  • Can I renew a 3 day loan?

No, 3 day loans can’t be renewed (as lots of other people need to use them).

  • Do 3 day loans have fines?

Yes, there is a fine of £1.00 per day for 3 day loans which are returned late.