Human Library

event-posterrThis year, to celebrate international Women’s Day 2017, the Library is organizing a Human Library event on March the 8th 2017.

Join us to experience a wonderfully diverse Human Library, where the Books are people and reading is a conversation. Just like in a real library, as a visitor to the Human Library you will be able to choose a Book from a range of titles. Having borrowed your chosen Book, you will have half an hour to engage in an honest, but respectful conversation, exploring and challenging the preconceptions and biases you might hold.

Book titles might include Atheist, Home Educator, Homosexual, Immigrant, Buddhist, Bisexual, Trans Woman, White South African and more.

Here is what the Readers were saying at previous events:

  • I have become more aware of who I am.
  • I am now more curious about this topic.
  • This made me want to fight harder for this group in the community.
  • I gained a better understanding of my own life.
  • He might have been even more open to meet our prejudices.
  • I met a very brave person today.
  • Meeting someone in person always does something to you.
  • I was overwhelmed to meet a person behind my prejudices.
  • So enlightening I feel relieved of some concerns and some questions have been answered.
  • Touching, close to tears.

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