Question of the Moment

Voting tokens at the ready! We’ve been asking for your feedback using our #QuestionoftheMoment voting boxes. For each question, simply pop a token in the box which best describes your thoughts. We publish the results from the last question too, so you can see how your thoughts compare with your fellow students.

You’ll find the Question of the Moment at the end of the Library Enquiries Desk on the top floor. Pop in and let us know what you think!

As always, you can leave us anonymous feedback online by writing a comment in our Online Library Feedback Box, or leave us a post-it on our Feedback Board on the top floor of the Library (by the stairs). Visit our Feedback Page for more details.


Here are the results so far, along with our ‘follow up’ from the questions…

Temperature results.png

Finding books results.png

E-books or books results.png