What we’ve been up to over the Summer…

Ever wondered what the Library staff get up to over the Summer Holidays? Perhaps you have visions of a quiet time of relaxation, an empty library, and maybe even time to sit back and read some of our 300,000+ books?

Well, we wish that was the case!

The Summer Vacation can sometimes be our busiest time! When our lovely students have left the building and gone back home for the summer, we get down to business and start preparing for the next academic year…

Over 1000 Talis Aspire Reading Lists needed to be rolled-over, new lists created and new lecturers trained… the Librarians have been prepping all their information literacy sessions and library inductions to include valuable new resources and skills for students…  hundreds of print and online Journals have been renewed for the upcoming Academic Year…  the School Resources Centre has had its annual ‘Big Tidy’, where every item is individually counted and checked, and our bespoke SRC booklists have been updated!

We’ve also been busy bees 🐝 receipting, processing, and cataloguing hundreds of new books ready for you to use and borrow!

Summer is also the perfect opportunity to get some of the jobs done that can’t be done when we’re super-busy with 24/7 opening and lots of students to help. A key job that needs doing is sending poorly, battered books to our in-house book hospital!

Repairs 1

Some of our hardback books have been read one too many times and they’ve started to fall apart at the edges, so a quick trip to the Repairs Trolley and their spines and corners are fixed up with cloth tape, titles re-written, and they’re ready to go back on the shelves!

Repairs 2

Repairs 3











Over the summer we’ve also created a series of ‘Not a Silly Question’ how-to videos where we walk you through some of our most frequently asked questions, including:

‘How do I search the catalogue?’
‘How do I find my books?’
‘How do I borrow books?’
‘How do I return books?’
‘How do I renew my books?’

As well as our Welcome Video:


The Summer Vacation has flown by, and we are already looking at the start of semester next weekWe’re looking forward to seeing you all this coming academic year!