NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month!

National Novel Writing Month

Chelsea, one of our interns, shares her experiences…

Every year, throughout the month of November, a non-profit organisation by the name of ‘NaNoWriMo’ hosts a global online writing event; an event which has seen the publication of hundreds of novel as an outcome!

National Novel Writing Month – aka. NaNoWriMo – encourages budding writers to write 1,667 words a day to reach the grand total of 50,000 words by the end of November. “But why 50,000 words?” many people ask. According to NaNoWriMo, this is a “challenging but achievable goal” for people of all backgrounds!

However, many people get caught up with other commitments and may not reach the end target – which is totally okay! Back in 2015, when I first attempted NaNoWriMo, I never reached the ‘par’ total for each day but still completed the month with 34,424 words of my novel; a novel based off a lazy concept I had constructed back in sixth form!

Whilst this story has yet to reach its potential in word lengths, it’s still one of my proudest achievements. Not only did I achieve over 30,000 words in a month on top of my university work, but I transformed a simple idea into ¾ of a novel; a novel which I have every intention of completing in the near future. Within a month, I had already surpassed every milestone I had ever achieved with any of my stories… there is even a story I’ve been working on for years yet not reached this level!

Of course, the ideal goal for any participant is to reach 50k, but NaNoWriMo encourages all achievements, no matter how small!

The NaNoWriMo website is one of the most supporting platforms you could find during your time participating: there are forums to connect with fellow writers; tons of inspirational messages and techniques to keep you going throughout; a shop to purchase memorable merchandise or donate to the organisation, and your own dashboard. No matter how behind you get on your writing, this dashboard continues to calculate your finish date even if you fall past the deadline. Considering how far behind I am on this year’s novel, this is a tool I’m appreciating more and more each day!

And if that’s not inspiration enough, there are many offers from companies such as Kindle and Evernote up for grabs for all of the participants! No matter what stage you end up at come the end of the month, NaNoWriMo encourages all of its participants to continue writing, connecting with fellow writers, and seeking publication when they reach that place of completion… be it a novella or a full-blown novel.

If you’re taking part in NaNoWriMo this month, the best of luck to you! And don’t worry, your total word count is an accomplishment regardless of its length.

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