A Day in the Life of a Library Intern

Since October, Chelsea and Bethany have been helping us out as our Library Interns. Here’s a day in their life!

It’s always best to start off these things with an introduction so here we go…

Hello! My name is Chelsea, and I am one of the two graduate interns who has been working in the Martial Rose Library since October of last year. And, considering my time with this internship is coming to an end, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on my experience before I finally leave the University of Winchester behind me.

So, without further ado, here is a brief insight into the life of a library intern:

Each day starts out relatively the same. Bethany (the other intern in the library) and I tend to spend the first 30-45 minutes of the morning occupied with little tasks to wake us up and prepare us for the day; these tasks can range from shelving during the holidays or processing books and journals in the work room.

Once these morning tasks are over, the real work begins!

For the first portion of our internship, our days were a general combination of spreadsheets and shadowing fellow library staff. Through shadowing different colleagues, we were given the insight to parts of the library which we never got to peep into as students. Did I mention we both studied at Winchester last year? Only Winchester graduates are eligible for this internship.

Anyways! In the last month or so of our employment, our focus has been on producing various materials to assist lecturers and students alike in their use of Talis Aspire. For those of you who may not know, Talis Aspire is the system in which reading lists are created for each individual course and its array of modules. So, you may be groaning about a super long reading list but I can guarantee whoever has had to create that list on Aspire is groaning more.

In just three months, our positions as interns have seen the creation of dyslexia/colour-blind friendly manuals and, most recently, video tutorials. As I write this, I’m actually taking a break from video editing after completing four videos. The process of creating these videos has definitely been a trying one. After being a dedicated Windows user for almost a decade, having to get to grips with an Apple computer was a tricky task!

I guess you can say that, in summary, the life of a library intern cannot be entirely characterised by just one day. One day we could be neck deep in shelving, and the next we could be getting extremely distracted from our spreadsheets because a cat strolled past our window.

by Chelsea Simpson

Hi my name is Bethany. I am one of the 17 graduate interns here at the university and one of the 2 interns here in the library. As a graduate intern, I am experiencing the work environment in the library – just like any other library assistant. I have just graduated, the internship was only open to Winchester grads, so it was a bit strange to start coming to the library for work and not for studying.

Everyday tends to start the same. Chelsea (my fellow intern) and I will arrive to work and assess what tasks we need to get done that day – after checking the news, which I do every morning. The rest of the day can change. So far, we have had many different jobs from creating Talis Aspire reading lists and guide videos, processing books, processing journals and also helping out with shelving from time to time. Other days, we may have an intern workshop set up with University staff to help us adapt and gain as much from the internships as we can. Or, we can choose to attend any other staff workshops to help us gain any extra skills.

It’s a great opportunity – the majority of the tasks that we are doing benefit students and we are learning skills for future careers the internship. There are many different aspects to the internship which I like but I’d be lying if I said my favourite part wasn’t spotting all the dogs on campus from my desk window!

By Bethany Eveleigh