Flash Feedback Exhibition


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During Welcome Week 2017, we carried out a ‘Flash Feedback Exhibition’ to engage all our new students, and find out what you’d like from your Library! We asked students to give us some thoughts on three simple questions (in return for plenty of cake, biscuits and drinks of course!).

We asked:

  1. What do you expect from your Library?
  2. How can the Library best communicate with students?
  3. Would you like us to offer extra-curricular activities in the Library?

We started off with three large sheets of paper for each question, but soon had to find more paper as there were so many comments due to the large number of students who participated!

Here’s what you said…

Question One: “What do you expect from your Library?”

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We are pleased to say that from the comments for the first question, we are largely doing what is expected. The comments that came up most were:

  • Friendly staff
  • Books on my reading list
  • Quiet areas to study
  • Easy to find resources

We do like to think that we are helpful and welcoming in the Library, so please do ask if you have any questions – there’s no such thing as a silly question! (Watch our how-to video series, ‘Not a Silly Question’!)

We are pushing the use of Talis Aspire reading list software, so that all reading lists are reviewed by the Library to ensure that we have sufficient copies of items on the list.  If you do find that there aren’t enough copies, please speak to your tutor who can request more.  We really do rely on the information given to us by tutors.

Space is always an issue in the Library, but we have hopefully managed to achieve a balance between silent/quiet and group work areas.  In addition, we have tried to ensure that there are spaces with fixed PCs and empty tables for you to use your own mobile devices.

We use the Dewey Decimal system to classify our books.  In this system, each subject area has a number, therefore each book will have a number on its spine.  In addition there are also three letters, which usually are for the first three letters of the author’s surname.  We have maps showing where books with different numbers are found and now have leaflets explaining how the Dewey system works and how books are shelved.  We have catalogue computers on each floor.

In terms of using our electronic resources, there are guides on the Library pages, but if you need some extra help, please contact your Subject Librarian to arrange a 1:1 training session.  You will find details of your Subject Librarian on our ‘Who to Contact’ page, or on the Library pages on the Intranet by clicking your subject specific link.


Question Two: “How can the Library best communicate with students?”

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It is important to us that we are able to engage with students and keep them up to date with everything the Library has to offer. Be sure to follow uniwinlibrary on Twitter  and Facebook to keep updated with all things Library!

We are particularly keen to involve students in terms of planning for the future. We are trying to get a focus group started, this will most likely be a joint group with IT and student services.  If you are interested in taking part, we would love to hear from you! Please email libenquiries@winchester.ac.uk.


Question Three: “Would you like us to offer extra-curricular activities in the Library?”

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There were a range of suggestions, such as subject specific study groups, book clubs and technical clubs. These are all great ideas, and we are looking into the feasibility of all of the options suggested.

A book club was a particularly popular suggestion; if you are interested in running a book club in the Library, we may be able to help you advertise this and possibly provide a small space for you to meet in, please e-mail us (libenquiries@winchester.ac.uk).



Thank you to all the first years who took part in our Flash Feedback Exhibition! Your contributions are really valued, and we will take your comments on board and see how we can continue to improve our service to you.