Library Hacks: How to find Online Journal Articles and Ebooks

Glasses and book text


Martial Rose Library is home to a large range of online journals and eBooks, all accessible through the Full Text Finder. Yep, we know! This sounds like a bit of a frightening, formal name but don’t worry! It’s just as easy to use as our lovely library catalogue.


This is located on the library page on the intranet, just under the library catalogue. Just click on Full Text Finder after logging in, and all of our online subscriptions will be available at your fingertips.


Once on the page you’ll be greeted by the screen below. Just search the journal you wish to browse! If you’re looking for a particular article, a quick google search will more than likely bring up the journal and the issue number you need.

ftf 1



Then, once you’ve clicked on the one you need a page like this should come up. Click on Full Text Access and a list of resources that supply the article should appear.

ftf 2

After this, you can either browse through the issues/volumes or (if you don’t know the issue/volumes) just search the article in the search bar on the top right hand corner. Then, the article you need will be available to download for offline viewing or for a quick flick through online.


A new feature for us is that you can now search our eBook collection! It works exactly the same, except instead of browsing issues and volumes, you can browse and search the chapters. A great way to get straight to the point of whatever you’re studying without having to drag home and sift through one of those heavy (in both senses of the word) text books!


Please keep in mind to always access the article through the Full Text Finder. Using this will automatically log you in as a University of Winchester student to our subscriptions sites. If you try and access without going through the intranet, it will not recognise your University log-in details.


See? Not at all as scary as the name suggests. Happy browsing!