Student Fellows Brighten Up the School Resources Centre


This week’s blog post focusing on the School Resources Centre comes to you courtesy of the student fellows who have been working to make School Resources more accessible.

Src 1

Since September we have been working on a small project hoping to improve the School Resources Centre.

We took some time to find out what other people think, because, after all we are just two people! We went to Primary Education lectures and got people from all four years to complete a survey telling us what they used, liked and even knew was there. After we did this we asked staff for their input, such as which resources they believe were most beneficial.

SRC Display

The results that came back were very interesting, but also guided us to make positive change!

Since October we have been working with a range of staff in the library to put the changes you wanted into place.

So, what have we done?

    • We bought in bags so that larger resources can be taken out without the hassle of having to carry them.
    • We made each section bright and colourful, focusing on the colour code, with tape and signs.
    • We brought the SRC to life by making it a talking library!

SRC Collage
        Loanable Bags                              Colour Coded Sections                            Talking Library



All of this has made a big difference, and we are currently in the process of creating a display advertising this and finding out what other students think and feel about the changes. We want to know if we got it right, or if we missed something!

SRC Display with post its