3 Great Resources You May Not Know About

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)


BoB is an online service where you can catch up on TV and radio services for your studies. There are over 65 TV & radio channels available as well as an archive of well over 1 million programmes.

To access this resource visit learningonscreen.ac.uk/ondemand, click on ‘Sign In’, search University of Winchester in the institution box, and click go. On your first visit you will then need to register with your university email.

Once you have logged in you are able to watch a range of programmes which you can search for in the box on the top of the screen. Alternatively you can view the ‘Guide’ and scroll through them. Many programmes will be available to watch straight away, but if not, you can request for them to be downloaded.

In ‘MyBoB account’ you are able view your requested shows as well as the playlists and clips you have created.

How to request a programme:

BoB automatically records programmes from the following channels; BBC One, Two & Four; BBC radio 4 & 4 EXTRA; ITV; Channel 4 & More4  and 5. If the programme is not already available then you can request it, and you can request up to 10 programmes at a time.

Requesting a programme is simple: either select it from the guide and click request programme or enter your keywords in the search bar, find the item you were looking for and click request programme. Once the item has been recorded, you will be able to find the programme in your My BoB area.

Other useful information:

  • For further videos visit LearningonScreen Vimeo site
  • You do not need a TV licence to use BoB
  • Subtitles are available on some of the programmes depending on if they were available when broadcast
  • Transcripts are available on many of the videos



‘Newsbank’ is an online resource where you can access UK national broadsheets, tabloids, and regional newspapers.  There are over 700 papers available that go as far back as 1982.

To access this resource, go to Library Resources on the intranet pages, scroll down to ‘News and Current Affairs’  and then scroll through the list to find ‘Newsbank‘. By accessing it through the intranet you will be automatically logged in.

To access articles you can search the database by using keywords where you will find a list of articles in various papers.  Alternatively, you are able to find papers by filtering through country, region, year, and date until you find a list of articles.

Sconul Access Scheme


SCONUL Access allows students and staff to use other university libraries. Staff, part-time, and postgraduate students can also borrow from other university libraries.

It’s easy to apply online. Just go to https://www.sconul.ac.uk/sconul-access.

You must be in ‘good standing’ with the University of Winchester library, i.e. no fines or overdue books on your account.

We advise that you check the following before you go:

  • the website of the university you’re visiting
  • what identification you need to take
  • which library you need to go to (many universities have more than one
  • when it’s open if visiting during the holidays.

You can find links to the other university library websites on the SCONUL Access pages.

If the university has Eduroam, you should even be able to use their WiFi using your Winchester account details! (Please note you will need to have logged on to the WiFi on campus at least once to use Eduroam anywhere else).

For more information about SCONUL visit https://www.sconul.ac.uk which feature more information about the scheme or contact us here at the library.


This is just a snippet of resources available to you. To see a full list visit the Library Intranet page and scroll down to Resources where you can find many more.  For assistance with these or any other resources please do get in contact by either visiting us at the Library Helpdesk, emailing libenquiries@winchester.ac.uk or phone us on 01962  827306.

For specific help on resources suitable for your studies do get in contact with your Subject Librarian who will be able to help you find some great resources.