Meet your Subject Librarian

Did you know there is a Librarian specifically for your course? The Librarians know which Library resources are useful for your subject and where to find them. They know their way around journal databases, and can help you search for and access the journals you need. You can even book a one-to-one meeting for some extra help.

Below you can find out more about who your subject Librarian is and how to contact them, as well as their Top Tips & Fun Facts! Remember the Librarians are there to help you access the resources you need, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Collette Blair

Collete '18Deputy Librarian
(Reader Services)

Librarian for:
English, Creative Writing and American Studies; Performing Arts; Media and Film

Favourite Books:
Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman (in any of its formats), and The World’s Wife by Carol Ann Duffy (fantastic poetry, with a witty twist!). I also love anything from Ian Banks’ Rebus crime series. (Also from childhood The Dark is Rising sequence by Susan Cooper and anything by the wonderfully descriptive Alan Garner.)

Fun Facts
I’m trying to grow more than weeds in my veg plot! I once got covered in red dust going around Madrid riding pillion on a motorcycle

Top Tip
Keep good references as you go along; much easier than trying to find them all at the end

Sarah Bulger

Sarah '18Deputy Librarian
(Technical Services)

Responsible For:
Talis Aspire Reading Lists & Digitised Content.

Available to help Research Students and Students with Disabilities and Learning Differences.

Favourite Books:
Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. When we were very young by A.A. Milne is my favourite childhood book along with The children of Green Knowe by L.M. Boston.

Fun Facts:
I really hate bananas. I have seen Iron Maiden in concert four times. I love Hugh Jackman as long as he ISN’T singing.

Top Tip
Always read the abstract of an article to get an idea of what’s it about, but if you think it might be useful and it’s really long read the introduction and conclusion to get an idea of how useful it might be, you can then read ‘the middle’ if you think it’s any use…


Clare Eacott

ClareLibrarian For:
Business (including Digital Media and Fashion), Law and Sport

Favourite Book:
My all-time favourite book is The Legend of Spud Murphy, by Eoin Colfer. If you read it, you’ll see why!

Fun Facts:
My hobbies are knitting (anything from toys to blankets to jumpers), walking, and reading. I hate having my photo taken.

Top Tip:
If in doubt, ask a librarian!



Mike Jones

MikeLibrarian For:
Education Studies and Modern Liberal Arts; Initial Teacher Education; Postgraduate Studies in Education; Interprofessional Studies (Children, Health, Social Work and Community)

Favourite Book:

1984 will probably always be my favourite book but I also love the work of Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club and Choke in particular) and Ben Elton (Popcorn being my number one of his).  I’m also a bit of a comic and graphic novel fan; Watchmen, The Walking Dead, Chew, Batman: The Killing Joke and DMZ being amongst my favourites.

Fun Facts:
Cinema is a real passion of mine, something that was cemented during my time studying film here many years ago.  I have a VW campervan that we named Liesl Van Trapp.

Top Tip:
I’m an advocate of using social media as an academic tool to support your research and studies.  If you want to know more about how that works get in touch!

Sam Green

Sam '18Librarian For:
Applied Social Studies (Criminology, Forensic Studies, Geography); Politics & Society (Animal Welfare, PPE, Politics and Global Studies, Global History & Politics and Sociology); Psychology

Favourite Book:
I have not read a novel for pleasure for such a long time I cannot remember the last book I read, but my collection of cookbooks is always expanding. I am always trying to find recipes for dinner that do not taken long to make, are nutritious and most importantly get eaten. So if you know of any good cookbooks, let me know.

Fun Facts:
I don’t like Bouillabaisse. I hope I never have to face a bowl of Bouillabaisse. To me it is a nightmare in a bowl.

A Top Tip
Can’t find many books or articles for your essay…..ask a librarian. We are here to help.

Laura Gittins

Laura v2Librarian For:
Archaeology and Anthropology; History; Theology, Religion and Philosophy

Favourite Books:
The Red Tent by Anita Diamant and The Birds by Daphne du Maurier

Fun Facts: 
I have a chocolate lab called Baker who eats anything not pinned to the floor

Top Tip:
Create your own account in our databases, so that you can save and retrieve your own search history