Thinking (and Studying) Outside the Library

If you’re looking for a quiet place to study with thousands upon thousands of resources, you’ll find no place better than our lovely Library. Packed with Study Rooms, books, Study Pods, books, Silent Zones, books(!) and so much more!

But of course there are more study spaces than just the library. Below are a few of the most useful:

Learning Café:

If you’re in need of a space for some group work, or just a place you can keep refilling your coffee cup, then head down to the Learning Café located right by the University entrance. There are several computers, a printer, and a seating area, as well as a place to buy food and drink during the day.

Learning Cafe

St Alphege:

St. Alphege has a range of study areas from the seating area on the top floor to the various computer spaces throughout the building. you can go straight from your lecture to your essay! There are also Laptop loans, printers and vending machines for refuelling.

St Alphege seating area top floor  St Alphege Laptop Loans computer area

St Alphege computer area

Cyber Italia

You know what you need when you’re beginning that all-day sesh with your friends and colleagues? PIZZA! Packed with a range of computers, printers and tables for group work, Cyber Italia is one of our University’s most beloved study spaces.

Cyber Italia-outside

Cyber Italia-inside

Winchester Student Union – The Vault

Fancy hanging out and having a chat while you revise? Head on down to The Vault, still open for you to sit and study. Unfortunately, the bar is closed!

Winchester Student Union bottom entrance Student Union-The Vault


By a Pond!

Alternatively, you can sit outside (weather permitting)! The University has a large number of beautiful natural spots in and around campus, perfect for picnicking and cramming in those last statistics, dates, and literary theories for your exams!

Pond and bench

Happy studying!