School Resources base by base: Maths, Science & Technology, and Earth Sciences

Welcome to our second break down of the School Resources bases! This time we are exploring our Maths base before leading you through to our collections for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences.SRC Map 2018 Maths Sci


The Maths base is located on the far left side of School Resources, outside study room C. The colour for this base is dark blue (not to be confused with Cross-curricular’s lovely light blue). When you are searching for an item in this base, pay close attention to the second half of the shelf mark, there are lots of books under the numbers 510 and 525, so those last three letters are essential for locating your resources.

If you think maths isn’t fun, you have the wrong end of the metristick. We have lots of active learning packs to help make enjoying maths as easy as 1, 2, 3! We have packs for all sorts of topics, from place value, to fractions, to money. There are many schemes of work to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of each approach, including those using the popular “Singapore method”.  And ladybird counters, number lines, giant plastic coins and games will create an interactive lesson.

Science_Tech_2Heading from the Maths base back towards the glass door, you will find yourself in the red coloured Science & Technology base.  Now this is the place to be if you want to find out how things work; investigating Scientific Enquiry, exploring the human body or finding experiments to illuminate how light works. Find it all here! Again you’ll find some fantastically exciting active learning to support the books and make your lessons truly dynamic.

But if your scientific interest errs on the natural wonders side of things, then you must explore our Earth Sciences base. The colour for this base is (appropriately) an earthy brown and you’ll find it by entering through the glass doors and walking straight ahead, before taking a left in front of the Post Graduate Research room.  Here dinosaurs reign, volcanoes erupt, wild beasts roam free, the world is in your hands, the environment flourishes and borders are there to be crossed. It’s the perfect section for anyone with exploratory inclinations and as it’s also the base for space and astronomy, some of the active learning is truly out of this world!

So come and explore, we won’t bite (but there’s no guarantee that the dinosaurs won’t).