Study Areas

The library is a great place to study whilst on campus. We have different areas to suit students varying needs and we hope this guide will provide you with all the information you need to find the right study space for you. Please be aware cold food is allowed only in Quiet Study, whilst hot & cold drinks with lids can be consumed in all areas.

Silent Study

6V8A3123.JPGThe Library Silent Study areas are one of the few places on campus where you can study in a low-distraction environment. You will find the Silent Study spaces on all 3 floors of the Library, along the large windows at the back of the building.

Silent Study areas are a great place for students that want to focus on their work without being disrupted. Remember whilst working in the Silent Study area; independent working only, use headphones, keep your phones on silent & no food

Quiet Study

6V8A3264.JPGQuiet Study areas can be found on all 3 floors and are on the side of the Library in between the entrance and the central (stained glass) staircase. This applies to all 3 floors and includes: the pods on the top floor; School Resources on the middle floor; the white desks and more pods on the ground floor.

Quiet Study areas are great for working in a small group or if you fancy a bit of hum in the background. In these areas talk quietly, use headphones and only cold food is allowed.

Study Rooms

Study RoomWe have 11 Study Rooms (which can be booked in advance through PC Booking). These are great for a silent lone working as well as with a small group. They feature a TV with a DVD player as well as facilities to link your computer to the screen, perfect for practicing a presentation. New for 2018 we also have whiteboard in each room. These are quiet study spaces as they are not soundproof and food is not allowed.

Other study areas on campus

Cyber ItaliaThe University also provides as many different types of study area on campus as possible, including the Learning Café and Cyber Italia.  These can work well for you if you need to complete a group project or prefer to study in a busier atmosphere. To find out more visit out Thinking (and Studying) Outside the Library blog post