Spoooooooky Staff Picks!

This Halloween some of our library staff have picked their favourite scary stories  to share with you. Dare you read them..?

MW – Osamu Tezuka

Olena MW

“Amazing dark story with more than one twist, elegantly told and beautifully drawn. Osamu Tezuka’s creative genius really shines through on every page.”

MW follows Garai, a Catholic priest, Yuki, a sadistic criminal, and their intertwined fates after becoming the only survivors of a poisonous chemical gas known as MW. The poisonous gas leak had killed off an entire island’s population. After suffering brain damage due to the MW Yuki starts committing sadistic crimes and Garai tries to stop him creating a complicated relationship as the go from lovers, to adversaries, and to collaborators.

Legion of Monsters – Various

Greyson Legion of Monsters

“A collection of short stories featuring all your favourite classic monsters, and a few you might not have known even existed – either way, you don’t want to bump into these monsters in a dark alleyway. Featuring various, and awesome, art styles, and different ways of storytelling so each tale is a new experience. Read at your peril, as these creatures are sure to capture your heart and imagination.”

Marvel Comics is famous for its superheroes such as Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four but during the 1970s a different set of characters emerged who did not always play by the rules and preferred to fight their battles under the shadow of darkness.  Originally created by Bill Mantlo, Frank Robbins and Steve Gan, Legion of Monsters featured fan-favourite characters such as Morbius the Vampire, Man-Thing, and Werewolf by Night.

The Walking Dead – Robert Kirkman

Mike The Walking Dead

“In a recent podcast interview, Robert Kirkman (creator of The Walking Dead) described his comic book series as more akin to a soap opera than anything else in the zombie/horror genre and I think that’s why I love it so much.  It’s the human characters that are the most important element, the undead are merely a plot device who bring these people together and occasionally intervene to upset the status quo.  This and Kirkman’s penchant for killing off your favourite character without a shred of warning make me continue to eagerly anticipate each new installment.”

The Walking Dead is an ongoing comic book series which depicts Kentucky Deputy Rick Grimes who awakens from a coma after he is shot in the line of duty only to find himself in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. Beginning in 2003 this comic book series won the Will Eisner award for Best Continuing series in 2010. It has also been adapted for television, winning several awards along the way.

The Signalman – Charles Dickens

Collette The Signalman

“I was introduced to it by my Father and love the gradually creeping feeling of unease that pervades the story, the uncertainty about the “ghost” is it real or a figment of the signalman’s mental state, and the open ending which leaves you speculating for some time to come!”

The Signalman is a classic ghost story about a signalman who is looking after the railway line in a lonely and isolated signal box. Believing he is being haunted by a ghostly and deeply ominous apparition, his state of mind deteriorates with each appearance. But what exactly is the apparition trying to warn him of? And is it possible it is simply all in the signalman’s head?

The Signalman was adapted into a celebrated Ghost Story for Christmas starring Denholm Elliott, whilst more creepy stories by Charles Dickens can be found in Charles Dickens Complete Ghost Stories. If you can’t find the DVD on our shelves then do please check BoB to see if it can be accessed there.

Pet Sematary – Stephen King

Lianne Pet Sematary1

“This book is an astonishingly dark and bleak read. A variation on the classic spooky tale, The Monkey’s Paw, King’s lucid prose carries you along kicking and screaming to the foreboding and inevitably grim conclusion.”

Pet Sematary was first written in the late 1970s but it wouldn’t be until 1983 that the book would finally be published. King himself felt that the novel was so dark that he put it into a drawer and left it. But needing a book to submit to his publisher, his wife, Tabitha, encouraged him to send it in and it was finally available to the public. It tells the story of Louis Creed and his family who move into a new home where they discover a nearby pet cemetery with strange powers. The message ‘be careful what you wish for’ has never been so apt.

So pick up one of our creepy tales and settle down on this spooky night for an evening of terror!!!


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