Online Resource of the Month: Statista



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INSTAGRAM: @Statista

YOUTUBE: Statista GmbH

SUBJECTS PARTICULARLY USEFUL FOR: Anthropology, Accounting, American Studies, Business, Childhood Studies, Criminology, Education Studies, Fashion Marketing, Film Studies, Journalism, Law, Marketing, Media & Communication, Politics, Sociology, Sports Management, Banking & Finance, Economics, Data Science, Geography, Social Work.

One of the great things about Statista is that it offers something markedly different to many of the other databases that the Library provides access to. Many of our databases and online resources will provide you with articles and eBooks, opinion pieces and academic research. Whilst these resources may contain data and statistics, it is often only within articles where such data is being analysed and explored. Statista on the other hand offers you the cold hard data and little else. Sometimes there’s some explanation alongside the chart, graph or infographic, but mostly it’s a service to provide you with data and statistics that you can analyse yourself and use as part of your own wider arguments.

Statista consolidates statistical data on over 80,000 topics, covering a wide variety of areas that make it a useful tool for a large proportion of the subjects we support at the university. The data is pulled from more than 22,500 reputable sources as well as being compiled by Statista’s own in-house team. The source of the data is always displayed alongside any chart, graph or infographic and so it is transparent about where it has come from. In addition to data exploring past trends and current developments, you can also explore forecasts for future developments as well as a range of market outlook reports in the digital and consumer fields. Statista also draw together stats from a range of sources into studies, reports and dossiers so you can easily explore the data relating to your particular area of study or research. Their news feature offers data relating to topics making current headlines and help you understand the numbers behind the stories. If you’re unsure about the many aspects of Brexit and the future implications of any deal (or no deal), Statista have some excellent charts and infographics to help demystify the numbers.

Statista contains a very intuitive search facility which enables you to filter by the type of content you wish to find. This includes reports by Statista’s own team of data journalists who analyse the numbers to give you a more in-depth appreciation of what they mean for companies and society.

The other great thing about Statista is the ability to download charts, graphs and infographics for use in your own work. You can even download the data as a XLS file in order to apply your own statistical analysis to it. Infographics are even available for you to share on social media and other places under a Creative Commons licence, providing you identify Statista as the author.

Access Statista via to begin searching and using their excellent content.

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