How to Place a Reservation

You need that book, you really need that book, but someone else has beaten you to it. There’s still hope! Place a reservation on it and soon it will be on our reservation shelf with your name on it.

Before you get started:

  • You can only place a reservation against an item when there are no seven-day or standard loans in stock.
  • You cannot reserve a reference book or a 3 day loan.
  • It’s always worth putting a reservation on even if there is already a few people waiting, as we often purchase additional copies when a book is in high demand.

How to reserve your book:

  • Make sure that you are logged in to the Library Catalogue using your borrower number, which can be found on the back of your student card. If you are accessing the catalogue through the Intranet page you will be automatically signed in.
  • Search for the book you are looking for and if it is out of stock it will look a little like this:


  • Click on the yellow ‘Reserve’ button.
  • A message saying ‘Reservation Placed’ will confirm your reservation.ReservationBlog3

How to collect your book

  • We will send an email to your unimail account when the book is ready to collect.
  • Your book will be held on the reservation shelf for seven days from the date you receive the email saying the book is ready to collect.
  • Reserved books are filed alphabetically by surname.
  • You will need to borrow the reservation using the kiosks as normal.


No longer require the reservation?
If you no longer need to book you are able to cancel the reservation online by logging into your account clicking on reservations and pressing cancel next to the one you no longer need.

If you require any further assistance with reservations please ask at the Help Desk in the Library or contact, 01962 827306 or tweet us on @uniwinlibrary.