We want to hear from YOU!

  • What do you love about the Library?
  • What do you dislike about the Library?
  • Do you have any suggestions for us?

Compliments or complaints, we’d love to hear your views. There are plenty of ways you can leave us feedback….

We have an anonymous feedback board on the top floor of the Library (by the central staircase). Grab a post-it when you’re next in the Library and pin your feedback and suggestions on our board…


Here are a selection of some of your recent comments and responses:

I am on placement over an hour away and I can’t come often to collect my reservation
Thank you for your comment. We keep books to one side for you for one week. Hopefully, that gives you time to get in, especially as we are open 24/7. If you do have a problem please let us know. We do have to balance the book needs of everyone but may be able to source an eBook for you

Please update the shelf labels on the sides- the books have moved and they aren’t always accurate
Thank you for letting us know we will go round and make sure the signs and books match. We usually go round the entire library during the summer but obviously need to ‘tweak’ it during Semester Two. Thank you

Great friendly staff. More e-books please. More work booth’s also 🙂
Thank you. We are pleased you like the work booths and will bear this in mind when we next look at new furniture. We are not always able to get a title as an ebook, depending on the licencing restrictions. We are are exploring new options for our ebook provision at the moment. In the meantime please let your tutors know if you would like a title as an ebook, as they are able to start the ebook ordering process off.

This is not a smart building. It is in fact, a very stupid building! Please God find a way of controlling the temperature, because this building clearly can not be trusted to undertake this task independently. This is a library, not a sauna! 🙂
We are working with Estates to regulate the heating controls. If you find the building too hot in the future please come and let us know at the library desk, by emailing or send us a tweet @UniWinLibrary


We would love to hear your constructive feedback, as well as your creative suggestions to solve any problems. We are genuinely interested in getting feedback which helps us provide a better service for everyone.

If you have an urgent query (e.g. people talking in silent study), please speak to us directly on the enquiries desk, or during our staffed opening hours you can e-mail or tweet us @uniwinlibrary.

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