Human Library

This year, to celebrate international Women’s Day 2017, the Library is organizing a Human Library event on March the 8th 2017. Join us to experience a wonderfully diverse Human Library, where the Books are people and reading is a conversation. Just like in a real library, as a visitor to the Human Library you will … More Human Library

Christmas Vacation Opening Hours

Semester One is nearly over, but we understand you may still need access to the Library and its resources over the Christmas period. Here’s when we’re open… Hope you all have a well-deserved rest over the Christmas Vacation, and see you for Semester Two in the New Year! Merry Christmas from Martial Rose Library!

What’s the point in journal articles that I can’t read?

This post will look at journal articles where we do not have access to the whole journal article (this is also called the ‘full text’.) This is the sister post of ‘How can I find the full text of a journal article?‘ – which looked at how to select only those journal articles which have the full … More What’s the point in journal articles that I can’t read?

How I can I find the full text of a journal article?

When you search for journal articles on many of our resources, the results which you find fall into the following 2 categories: results that will let you click through and open up the whole journal article (a.k.a. the ‘full text’) results that do not let you open up the whole journal article, but instead just provide … More How I can I find the full text of a journal article?

3 day loans

Everything you ever wanted to know about 3 day loans! What are 3 day loans? 3 day loans are books which you can borrow for a maximum of 3 days at a time. Bear in mind the weekends! –  we are open 24/7 during term time, so a 3 day loan which is borrowed on a Wednesday will be … More 3 day loans

How to Renew Books

Need to keep your library book for a bit longer? When you borrow a library book you will be given a due date (= the date by which you must return the book to the library).  If you return the book after this date then you will have a fine. However, if you need to keep the … More How to Renew Books

Welcome Freshers!

Hello and WELCOME to our new students! Have you explored the Library yet? The Martial Rose Library is the perfect quiet space to work, and our team of friendly library staff are here to help you access the resources you need. We’re here for you, so please don’t hesitate to visit the Library Enquiries Desk if … More Welcome Freshers!