Welcome Freshers 2016!

Please note this is the Welcome blog post for 2016 cohort of students and some information is out of date. Please read our latest blog post: Welcome Freshers 2017!   Hello and WELCOME to our new students! Have you explored the Library yet? The Martial Rose Library is the perfect quiet space to work, and our … More Welcome Freshers 2016!

Fair share: how to share the library with other people

“It’s oh so quiet…”* Silent Study; the place to be if you need / want to study in silence https://t.co/fDEUJQ6AcV pic.twitter.com/Aoty5VGrGF — Martial Rose Library (@UniWinLibrary) March 8, 2016   The Library Silent Study areas are the only place on campus where you can study in a low-distraction environment.  You will find the Silent Study … More Fair share: how to share the library with other people

Library Hacks

Make your time using the library more productive and efficient using these methods:  Book your PC or Study Room in advance PCs and Study Rooms can be in very high demand during busy periods. Use PC Booking link on the intranet to pre-book a PC / Study Room at a suitable time.   Download the (free) University … More Library Hacks

Extra study spaces

It’s been pretty busy in the Library over the past few days – so we thought you might like to know about a new PC space where you can work individually. This is our new open access PC room, which contains an additional 25 computers.  You can find it on the top floor of the Library, … More Extra study spaces